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Toshiba SDHC™ "Exceria PRO" UHS-II (Class 10 / U3)

Product Description

Professional – ultimate performance

Particularly suitable for very fast data transfer of high volumes of data, e.g. for taking rapid series of images with digital single-lens reflex cameras or recording HD videos using an HD camcorder. Also highly suitable for making backup copies from hard drives.

SDHC™ Exceria PRO: 128GB, 64GB, 32GB and 16GB

Toshiba´s EXCERIA™ high performance SDHC™ memory cards deliver the highest performance levels available
Compliant with UHS-II Speed Class
Maximum read speed is 260MB/s; maximum write speed is 240MB/s
Premium quality
5 Years warranty

Important Information

Information about SDHC™ and SDXC™ flash memory cards

Digital single-lens reflex cameras and compact cameras that capture a high level of megapixels as well as digital camcorders that record in HD format have to be able to process an ever-increasing volume of image data within the shortest possible time. This means a requirement for memory cards with high rates of transfer in order to ensure a rapid and problem-free flow of data without any time-lag in capturing and storing images.

High Speed memory cards meet the Class10 specifications of the SDA and provide a writing speed of at least 12MB per second and a reading speed of up to 25MB per second. Thanks to this they can handle a large volume of data in a short time.

SDHC™ stands for Secure Digital High Capacity, and it is a new standard developed by the SD Card Association to support capacities beyond the 2- gigabyte* (GB) limit of the original "standard" SD™ Cards. Standard SD™ Cards use a file format called FAT16 that supports capacities up to 2GB, while the new SDHC™ cards use a file format called FAT32 that has a maximum capacity of 32GB.

SDHC™ cards also feature minimum speed class ratings. A Class 2 card has a minimum sustained write speed of 2MB/s; Class 4: 4MB/s, and Class 6: 6MB/s and finally Class 10: 10MB/s.


Today's standard SD™ cards can be red by all cameras or other devices equipped with SD™ or SDHC™ card slots (also called SD™ / SDHC™ hosts).

SDHC™ cards are not intended for use in cameras or other equipment with existing SD™ card slots. Because SDXC™ uses a different file system called exFAT and it works differently than standard SD cards. On normal SD cards a maximum of 2 GB and on SDHC™ cards a maximum of 32 GB can be stored, as described. This was the for developing SDXC™ memory cards with a capacity ranging from 64 GB to (in the future) 2 TB.

This new format is not downwardly compatible with devices which only support SD™/SDHC™ cards (128 MB to 32 GB). Most host devices built after 2010 should be SDXC™ compatible. To ensure compatibility, look for the SDXC™ logo on cards and host devices.

Assortment List

Lupus Code GTIN Product Write/Read Class PU
50710 40 47999 41001 0 Toshiba SDHC Exceria PRO 16GB 240MB / 260MB Class 10/U3 7
50711 40 47999 41002 7 Toshiba SDHC Exceria PRO 32GB 240MB / 260MB Class 10/U3 7
10712 40 47999 41003 4 Toshiba SDXC Exceria PRO 64GB 240MB / 260MB Class 10/U3 7
10713 40 47999 41004 1 Toshiba SDXC Exceria PRO 128GB 150MB / 260MB Class 10/U3 7

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