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Lupus Imaging & Media supplies not only digital storage media from two top brands, AgfaPhoto and Toshiba, but also memory cards and USB sticks in your own individual design.

Are you considering a private-label strategy for these storage media? Have you already established your own brand in other product categories and are now thinking about adding to this success by marketing own-brand memory cards and USB sticks? Or do you already sell digital storage media under your own label, but are dissatisfied with the service and performance of your supplier?  If so, we are pleased to offer you a high-performance and fast service based on our many years of experience in the private label business.

What we offer you:
We sell only high-quality memory cards and USB sticks made by the leading producers in this market.
You provide us with your design, or commission us to produce a design according to your wishes.

When the design has been agreed, we produce your memory cards or USB sticks in ready-to-sell blister packs made of plastic or cardboard. This includes:

- Printing and labelling memory cards, printing USB sticks
- Printing the cards inside plastic blister packs or printing cardboard blister packs
- Supply and packaging of protective boxes or archive boxes for plastic blister packs
- If required applying acoustic theft prevention strips
- Sealing the blister packs
- Packing the finished sales packaging for transport
We are also pleased to add content (software or data of your choice) to your storage media.

Test our service! Phone us or send us an e-mail. We look forward to hearing from you.
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