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USB is one of the most popular interface between Computers and Peripherals. They allow you to easily transfer or store music files , images or computer files. Toshiba USB are pocket-sized and lightweight. Toshiba offers a high-performance USB flash drive products designed with a wide variety of features, capacities, and capabilities.

AgfaPhoto Flash Drives

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AgfaPhoto USB Flash Drive 2.0

High performance – Flexible use: The classic USB flash drive. Ideal for the simple transportation of data and images.

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AgfaPhoto USB Flash Drive 3.0

The latest generation of USB sticks with the fast USB 3.0 standard. Particularly suitable for extremely fast transfer of high data volumes.

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AgfaPhoto USB 2.0 2in1 "POKO"

2 in 1 USB flash drive with standard- and MicroUSB port. Flexible application for Notebook, PC, Smartphone, Tablet...

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