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AgfaPhoto SDHC™/SDXC™ Prof. High Speed Ultra High Speed Class 10 (UHS-I) U3 "GOLD"


Ultra-fast for professional use. -  up to 80MB/sec writing speed and up to 90MB/sec reading Speed.

Particulary suitable for the fast transfer of high data volumes, e.g. fast storage of image sequences due to fast picture taking with digital SLR cameras or recording 4k / Full HD videos with digital HD camcoders.

Memory Capacity: 128GB, 64GB und 32 GB









Very high performance and exceptional reliability

Ultra High Speed data transfer, up to 90MB/sec reading speed and up to 80MB/sec writing Speed / UHS Speed Class "U3"
up to 100.000 read/write cycles
5 years warranty


Important Information

Information about AgfaPhoto Professional High Speed UHS-1 memory cards

This card is compatible with the conventional SD interface as well as the new high speed interface UHS-I.
UHS-I speed requires UHS-I interface at the hardware.
This memory card is also compatible with the SDR50 hardware interface (bus speed 50 MB/s)
Attention: SDHC and SDXC memory cards can only be used in SDHC and SDXC Card compatible devices.
SDXC™ stands for Secure Digital eXtended Capacity, and it is a standard developed by the SD Card Association to support capacities beyond the 32- gigabyte* (GB) limit of the original "standard" SDHC™ Cards.
SDHC™ means Secure Digital High Capacity, and is a standard to support capacities beyond the 2- gigabyte* (GB) limit of the original "standard" SD™ Cards.
Standard SD™ Cards use a file format called FAT16 that supports capacities up to 2GB, while SDHC™ cards use a file format called FAT32 that has a maximum capacity of 32GB.
SDXC™ cards use the exFAT format with a capacity ranging from 64GB to 2 TB (in the future).


Today's standard SD™ cards can be red by all cameras or other devices equipped with SD™ ,SDHC™ or SDXC™ card slots (also called SD™ / SDHC™ / SDXC™ hosts).

SDXC™ cards are not intended for use in cameras or other equipment with existing SD™ / SDCH™ card slots. Because SDXC™ uses a different file system called exFAT and it works differently than standard SD / SDHC cards. On normal SD™ cards a maximum of 2 GB and on SDHC™ cards a maximum of 32 GB can be stored, as described. This was the reason for developing SDXC™ memory cards with a capacity ranging from 64 GB to (in the future) 2 TB. This new format is not downwardly compatible with devices which only support SD™/SDHC™ cards (128 MB to 32 GB).

Most host devices built after 2010 should be SDXC™ compatible. To ensure compatibility, look for the SDXC™ logo on cards and host devices.

Assortment List

Lupus Code GTIN Product Write/Read Class PU
10506 4250255102936 AgfaPhoto SDHC 32 GB Prof. High Speed Class 10 UHS1 U3 80/90 "Gold" 80MB / 90MB U3/CL10


10507 4250255102943 AgfaPhoto SDXC 64 GB Prof. High Speed Class 10 UHS1 U3 80/90 "Gold" 80MB / 90MB U3/CL10


10508 4250255102950 AgfaPhoto SDHC 128 GB Prof. High Speed Class 10 UHS1 U3 80/90 "Gold" 80MB / 90MB U3/CL10 5

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