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AgfaPhoto Vista plus Color Negativ 135 Film

Product Description

The brilliant colour negative film for superb print quality

AgfaPhoto Vista plus films give natural, exact and brilliant colours visible to the human eye.


AgfaPhoto Vista plus 200

A film for all seasons. The multistar.

Do you want to capture some happy memories quickly and simply? That´s no problem with AgfaPhoto Vista plus 200! Wherever you are and whatever event you want to capture on a photo. This versatile film is always at the ready. Ideal for snapshots. For indoors and outdoors. In all weathers. With or without flash.

AgfaPhoto Vista plus 400

The allstar. Makes things move.

You can rely on AgfaPhoto Vista plus 400, an enormously flexible film. It is suitable for all light conditions. It captures fast movements safely on film. Even when conditions are not ideal – you always get the best possible results. For sport and leisure activities; sunshine and clouds; with and without flash; for freezing movement.

AgfaPhoto Vista 200 plus films are also available in two different multipacks (3x36 and 3x24)

Assortment List

Lupus Code GTIN Product PU
612240 42 50255100055 AgfaPhoto Vista plus 200 135-24 100
612360 42 50255100062 AgfaPhoto Vista plus 200 135-36 100
614240 42 50255100086 AgfaPhoto Vista plus 400 135-24 100
614360 42 50255100093 AgfaPhoto Vista plus 400 135-36 100
632240 42 50255100147 AgfaPhoto Vista plus 200 135-24 MP3 20
632360 42 50255100154 AgfaPhoto Vista plus 200 135-36 MP3 20


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